Get Certified in Python Machine Learning in 6 Weeks


Novice-to-Practitioner in 6 Weeks

The Machine Learning Accelerator is an online course that will take you from novice-to-practitioner in applied machine learning.

This program is laser-focused on teaching you practical, modern skills and tools that will take your career to the next level. Go at your own pace thanks to lifetime access and support.

How to Future Proof Your Career

Virtually every sector in today's economy has evolved to become more data-driven. Finance, marketing, retail, education, government, healthcare, agriculture... the list goes on and on. Machine learning—the most prominent technology that uses all of that data—has already become intertwined with our daily lives... and the trend's not slowing down anytime soon.

As a result, data science and machine learning have become high-income skills that are in heavy demand right now in the marketplace. It's plain to see. According to, the average data scientist salary in the U.S. is over $128,000 per year... one of the highest among all career paths.

But while there's a "gold rush" of opportunities right now for people who possess these skills...

...what's the best way to actually acquire them?

No, we're not talking about simply learning these topicswhich you can do from watching some YouTube videos—but actually acquiring the professional-level skills that employers pay top dollar for... the skills that can open doors to exciting opportunities and take your career to the next level.

The #1 Obstacle: Information Overload

From textbooks to university lectures to MOOCs to $15,000 bootcamps... you certainly don't lack options. The biggest obstacle to breaking into this field is NOT finding information about data science. The biggest obstacle is sifting through all of the information out there.

Time is money, and you've only got 24 hours in day.

Unfortunately, most data science and machine learning courses feel like a "laundry list" of topics: Ok first we've got gradient descent... then we'll move onto linear regression... next let's talk about logistic regression... and then decision trees... don't forget SVMs... oh, and of course random forests... and so on.

This type of scattered, piecemeal approach is an easy way to teach the subject, but it's not very effective for students seeking practical skills. In reality, all it does is overload you with theory and jargon right out of the gate. It assumes you have all the time in the world to "piece things together" for yourself and figure out how to apply these concepts to create actual business value.

Plus, while all of those algorithm names might sound fancy, they're just one piece of the puzzle. When you tunnel-vision on individual algorithms, you're completely neglecting vital steps such as exploratory analysis, data cleaning, and feature engineering... which are essential for the messy data you find in the real world.

How to Cut the Learning Curve in Half

Think back to when you were a child. Did you learn all of your vocabulary one word at time?

Of course not. For example, in the U.S., the average three-year old child can recognize about 1,000 words. Just two years later, by the age of five, the average child will be able to recognize about 10,000 words. That's 10X their vocabulary from just two years ago.

Did all of those children open the dictionary and memorize 9,000 words from the ages of three to five?

No way. As children, we were able to build up a large vocabulary quickly and naturally. We read books, watched TV, and listened to our parents speak. Our brains could work behind-the-scenes to rapidly connect the dots based on what was going on around us at the same time. We were learning all of those new words in context.

(Interestingly... that's similar to how machine learning works under the hood as well. Instead of explicitly programming all of the instructions to the computer, you allow the computer to find patterns and make connections based on the data and its context.)

Well, guess what? You can tap into this exact same mechanism of learning in context to dramatically cut the learning curve for data science and machine learning. When you learn in context, you're also developing practical skills that you can use in your career because you're seeing exactly how each piece fits into the big picture.

Master Machine Learning in Context

The #1 way to learn machine learning in context is to complete realistic, end-to-end projects at the same time as you learn new concepts. Instead of learning each new concept in isolation, one at a time, you'll get to see how everything works together to create business value.

That means:

  • Using a real-world dataset that has NOT already been cleaned for you..
  • Picking a real-world objective that is NOT trivial...
  • And then going through the entire machine learning workflow from start to finish...

When you tackle end-to-end projects, you'll hit all of the core steps, including data exploration, data cleaning, feature engineering, algorithm selection, and model training. Concepts will click faster for you as your brain works behind-the-scenes to connect all the dots.

Introducing: The Machine Learning Accelerator

Since launching in 2016, our articles, guides, and tutorials have reached over two million readers from over 180 countries around the world. We've also directly helped thousands of students break into this field through our flagship online course: The Machine Learning Accelerator.

This beginner course is built upon the simple philosophy of learning in context, and it has already undergone three major evolutions and dozens of updates since launch. We've perfected a unique curriculum that is 100% laser-focused on practical skills.

  • You will NOT sit through lengthy lectures...
  • You will NOT be given hours of supplemental textbook reading...
  • You will NOT feel lost or frustrated by not knowing how all the moving pieces fit together... 

Instead, we take you through multiple end-to-end projects that will directly teach you how to create business value with data science and machine learning. Along the way, you'll learn (in context) all of the important theoretical concepts and tools you'll need to get started in this field.

This course takes you through the complete beginner-to-practitioner journey, and it's fully self-contained. We designed it to be the only course you'll need to get started in this field. That means it will work for you even if you don't have a math background and even if you've never written a single line of code before in your life.

Most importantly, through this professional-level course, you WILL acquire high-income skills that can take your career to the next level.

Innovative Project-Centric Training

The Machine Learning Accelerator by EDS features innovative project-centric training that makes it easy to stay on track and achieve your goals.

Build Unstoppable Momentum

You'll find it easy to build momentum, stay motivated, and follow through to the end thanks to engaging Cornerstone Projects with real-world datasets. Each project adds a major "cornerstone skill" to your arsenal, ranging from Python Programming to Supervised Machine Learning.

Skip the Traditional Classroom

You will NOT find any dense, math-heavy theoretical lectures. This is a course taught by practitioners... NOT by academics. Instead, you'll learn industry best practices with concise explainer videos, hands-on coding sections, carefully-crafted exercises, and practical advice.

Streamline Your Journey

The Accelerator is ONE beginner-friendly, streamlined, and fully self-contained program that will take you from novice to practitioner. It does NOT assume any prior education background, programming skills, or work experience.

Overcome Any Roadblock

The Accelerator offers the same flexibility, ease-of-access, and convenience of an online self-study course, but it goes far beyond that. Unlike traditional online courses, we never leave you to "fend for yourself." We are invested in your success, and we have staff dedicated to answering your questions.

Program Details

All the training is carefully weaved into five comprehensive cornerstone projects. The course can be completed with 5-8 hours of commitment per week over six weeks. You can go at your own pace thanks to lifetime access & support.

Master Essential Concepts (in Context)

The Machine Learning Accelerator covers every cornerstone concept you'll need to get started in this field, beginning with the big picture.

The Big Picture

Start with the big picture so that you'll never "miss the forest for the trees."

Supervised Learning

Learn how to predict the future by building models with data from the past.

Unsupervised Learning

"Tame the chaos" in the realm of open-ended blue-ocean problems.

Model Complexity

Watch the elegant dance between model performance and complexity.


Discover versatile and powerful tools for training high-performing models.

Ensemble Methods

Learn the mechanics of behind "ensembling" to boost performance. 

Develop In-Demand, High-Income Skills

The Machine Learning Accelerator is 100% laser-focused on teaching you practical skills that can take your career to the next level.

Python for Data Science

Pick up essential Python programming skills needed for data science.

Exploratory Analysis

Practice scouting ahead, plotting charts, and extracting useful insights.

Data Cleaning

Learn a simple yet robust framework for reliable data cleaning.

Feature Engineering

Discover how to add tremendous value by incorporating domain expertise.

Algorithm Selection

Select, implement, and tune ML algorithms that are working right now.

Model Training

Master a proven blueprint for training high-performance predictive models.

Gain the Confidence to Tackle Any Challenge

You'll become a well-rounded data scientist as you complete end-to-end projects that cover plenty of supplemental skills.

Data Wrangling

Gain the ability to tackle a broader range of problems by restructuring datasets.

Preprocessing Pipelines

Learn how to implement multi-step data preprocessing pipelines.

Project Delivery

Package your models into scripts that can be integrated or run on the cloud.

Dimensionality Reduction

Use feature selection and PCA to break the "curse of dimensionality."

Data Visualization

Practice plotting simple, informative, and beautiful visualizations.

And Much More

Classification thresholds, advanced metrics, imbalanced classes, and more.

Build an Eye-Catching Portfolio

Finally, you'll build a personal capstone project that will supercharge your portfolio and open doors to incredible opportunities.

The Capstone Project

Explore what interests you and build an impressive capstone project.

Planning & Execution

Learn how to plan your own projects and execute with confidence.

Showcasing Your Work

Host your project online so that it can open career opportunities for you.

"The course has been great. Very well put together, easy to follow, and I feel like I'm learning effectively. I like that it's very interactive - learn by doing rather than lectures. The course has exposed me to things I would not learn in my job but are highly relevant to the analysis I do every day. The things I've learned in this course have been a differentiator for me in my day job."

Zachary Washam
Investment Banking Analyst, USA

"I've been let down by online courses before. I'd tried MOOC Machine Learning classes before, but they focused on algorithms too much. I fell right into the driver's seat — the seat where you LEARN! — with your course. I found it very hard to lose gumption through the course because the topics built upon each other well. The course reinvigorated my motivation for learning."

Kash Nouroozi
Software Developer, Canada

"I appreciated that 'me' is the most important subject here, as opposed to trying to sell me something all the time e.g. extra resources. I miss the world where companies would go above and beyond to help individuals succeed and let word of mouth do its job, and not try to get a few extra dollars for something really beneficial. Thank you for being human and old school!"

Julie Truong
Marketing Analytics, UK

"I was concerned whether the course would be accessible. But I found that it is very well thought out and the teaching strategy fit well with my learning style. I've gotten a lot better at Python and I now know how to apply Machine Learning to business problems. I believe anyone interested in learning Machine Learning could definitely use this course as a door to accomplishing that."

Will McLaurin
Analyst, USA

"The course made the concepts a lot easier to understand and build my first data science portfolio. The concepts are presented in a clear and direct way to fully understand the topic. I have done a lot of online courses, but think that this is undoubtedly the most clear and direct to proceed."

Roxana Villafañe
PhD Student, Argentina

"I very much enjoyed the course. You guys put a lot of thought into its design and that was evident with the little details. This course had a few features that I haven't seen in other courses that really add to the experience. The priority support (that you actually answer quickly) was the biggest one. That was very helpful and made the course more intimate."

Kurt Berg
Freelance Developer, Canada

30-Day Refund Guarantee

Get a full refund at any time within 30 days of enrolling. No reason required.


12-Month Performance Guarantee

Enjoy true peace of mind and zero risk.

Go through the training in the Machine Learning Accelerator and complete all of the projects inside. If you are unable to master the applied machine learning workflow and train high-performance machine learning models within 12 months, simply email your completed workbooks from the program to [email protected] for a full refund.


Blockchain-Verified Certification

Earn a unique digital certificate you can print, frame, add to LinkedIn, or your other online profiles. EDS certificates use bank-level encryption and are recorded on the blockchain, making them impossible to fake.

How it Works

Complete the Accelerator

The Accelerator is a streamlined 6-week program that can be completed in 5-8 hours per week. Complete it at your own pace thanks to lifetime, on-demand access.

Submit Your Capstone

Submit your final capstone project for review and assessment. You can re-submit your final project as many times as needed, and we will provide feedback and guidance.

Display Your Badge

You'll get a digital certificate and badge that you can display, print, or share on social media. All EDS certificates are secured on the blockchain with 1-click verification.

Why Get Certified?

Beyond the invaluable skills you'll develop...

If you're an employee or busy professional... You'll benefit from: (1) Results-oriented training that doesn't waste your time and (2) Having a tangible reward that you can leverage for a raise, promotion, or even a new job.

If you're a student... Getting certified will help open doors for you, plain and simple. Once you have the cold hard skills, the next challenge is to get a foot in the door. EDS certificates are secured on the blockchain and can be verified by employers with one click. They can be seamlessly added to LinkedIn or embedded on your personal website.


"I am amazed with the well-explained instruction and guidance through the course. Using Jupyter notebook for teaching the course makes it exciting to follow because you don't have to jump here and there. Thanks for the work that you (the team at Elite Data Science) do for nurturing the skills for future in us. God bless you all, and strengthen you to take this work to new heights!"

Owusu Sarpong
Researcher, Ghana

"ML is generally presented as though advanced math is required. Yet, I knew [ML professionals] who did not have an advanced math background. This course is helpful for those with IT/analyst background who are not looking to invest several years in math courses, but would like to engage in ML. The really valuable skill in the near future will actually be understanding the process and the results."

Jess Stahl
University Professor, USA

"This is at least my 5th pass at learning this material (Thinkful bootcamp, Andrew Ng Course, Data Camp, and a multitude of books). Walking through the full process was so valuable. A lot of other programs just focus on the algorithm implementation. It's easy when you are starting with the ABT. Now I'm confident to take on predictive analytics projects at the office that no one has had the expertise to tackle before."

Ben Wilson
BI Analyst, USA

"LOVE the practical approach vs. spending a ton of time on theory... and I gained a solid understanding of ML and how it could be applied to my business. Your practical approach is a great way to learn these complex concepts."

Jeffrey Stilwell
Startup Founder, USA

"I just wanted to learn the best contents and not waste my time. With your course, I like that I can learn stuff in a humorous way. It keeps me studying and I never lose interest. After taking your course, I learned how to solve problems in an efficient way. It's good for Data science and learning python, and it is time saving!"

Yunbum Choi
Nuclear Engineer, South Korea

"I was looking for the link between the concepts and the real steps of a data science job. The way you approach the models/techniques is a far better way than long and exhaustive statistical explanations. I feel motivated to keep learning more detailed and complex models. This is the "easy and soft" way we can learn and apply data science in our day to day problems. I'm very pleased and you fulfill 100% of the objective."

Rafael Paim
Financial Analyst, Portugal

Enrollment Options

Pay in full to save or split your payment into 3 months. You will receive immediate access to the Machine Learning Accelerator after payment. You will also receive welcome emails and detailed instructions.


$495 $395


The Complete Machine Learning Accelerator Program

Portfolio-Ready Capstone

Direct, Personal Support

30-Day Refund Guarantee

Lifetime Access & Updates

12-Month Performance Guarantee

Blockchain-Secured Digital Certificate


3 x Monthly Payments

$179 USD


The Complete Machine Learning Accelerator Program

Portfolio-Ready Capstone

Direct, Personal Support

30-Day Refund Guarantee

Lifetime Access & Updates

12-Month Performance Guarantee

Blockchain-Secured Digital Certificate


Frequently Asked Questions

No. In fact, some of our students do not even have prior coding experience.

Our comprehensive Python for Data Science cornerstone project teaches the essentials needed for machine learning. It starts with programming fundamentals (which you can skip if you have prior experience) and then covers Python syntax, data science libraries, best practices, and examples.

Yes, this course is designed for beginner to intermediate level students. It is completely self-contained, which means that it does not expect any prior experience or supplemental work.

The course is designed to take about 30-40 hours to complete, depending on your prior experience level. Most people finish the course in 1-3 months, part time. The course is self-paced, with on-demand access, so you can find the best pace for you.

Our philosophy is very simple: if you don’t learn, we don’t earn. If you’re unhappy with the course for any reason, simply email us within 30 days, and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

It depends on your background...

If you're an employee or busy professional... You'll benefit from: (1) Results-oriented training that doesn't waste your time and (2) Having a tangible reward that you can leverage for a raise, promotion, or even a new job. You're receiving the exact same training you would receive as an employee at EliteDataScience, with the certification to back it up. 

If you're a student... Getting certified will help open doors for you, plain and simple. Once you have the cold hard skills, the next challenge is to get a foot in the door. Unlike other candidates who can only make empty claims, you'll have the verifiable certificate and badge to prove it. EDS certificates are secured on the blockchain and can be verified by employers with 1 click. They can be seamlessly added to LinkedIn or embedded on your personal website.

To earn the certificate, you must:

  1. Complete the core Machine Learning Accelerator professional training program.
  2. Complete your final Capstone Project (we will provide the necessary framework and resources).
  3. Submit your capstone project for review and assessment. You must demonstrate sufficient proficiency in your project, and we will provide guidance and feedback to help you pass. You may improve and re-submit your capstone project as many times as needed.

Our certification process is designed to be straightforward and flexible, which still demanding a high bar for attainment. 

You can go at your own pace. We understand that you're busy and you have other responsibilities. Just because you enroll today doesn't mean you'll be able to finish (or even start) the program right away, and that's completely fine. Take as long as you need... we'll still be here to support you each step of the way.

No, you are not. A certificate that anyone can easily purchase is completely worthless. Our training programs are challenging and are designed to help you develop professional-level skills.

You're going to have to earn the EDS badge, but we're going to be supporting and encouraging you each step of the way.

Simply put, these skills will open incredible doors for your career. The use (and thus the value) of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence has seen explosive growth over the last several years, and it's expected to continue that trend over the next decade.

Regardless of whether you choose to enroll in a program at EDS or not, we sincerely hope you will take the time to learn more about these invaluable skills.

Send us an email, and we’ll be happy to answer it! You can reach us at [email protected].

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EDS programs are 100% focused on teaching you practical and modern career skills in a down-to-earth, streamlined way. Our resources, guides, and tutorials have reached over 2 million people in 180+ countries, and our training programs have directly helped thousands of people.


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